Mac Pro MC770ZP/A

Chính hãng: 57,890,000 vnđ
Nhập khẩu: Liên hệ
Chi tiết ngắn:

The easy-access interior of the Mac Pro feels like the well-organized workstation it is. No rat’s nest of components here. You don’t need to turn the system on its side or struggle to reach into awkward spaces to make changes. Just remove the side panel for instant access to everything. Slide out the processor tray to add memory. Slide out drive bays to add storage. Slide a simple bar to change up to four expansion cards at once. And with plenty of I/O ports both front and back, you’ll have room for all your external devices.

Bộ bán hàng chuẩn


Quad-core and 12-core:

  • Mac Pro
  • Power cord
  • Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  • Magic Mouse
  • USB keyboard extension cable
  • Printed and electronic documentation


Màu sắc:
Camera No
Pin No
Âm Thanh
Wireless No
Cổng Kết Nối
VGA ATI Redeon HD 5770 1GB
Kích Thước
Ổ Cứng 1TB
Màn Hình No
Bộ vi xử lý Quad Core 3.20Ghz

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